Is there a difference between an Australian Labradoodle and an American Labradoodle?  There are differences.  While both the American and the Australian Labradoodles started with a mating of a poodle and a lab, the Australian labradoodles have at times, infused other breeds to augment the desirable characteristics that we love today including the non-shedding coat, easy going temperament, intelligence and good health.  Other breeds that are used include Irish Water Spaniel, English and American Cocker Spaniel, and Cockapoo's.  While these infusions have been presented in a rather negative light by various resources, it should only be viewed as positive.  Infusions were done as needed for coat correction, confirmation, temperament and size.

     An American Labradoodle will be lab and poodle only.  Depending on the generation (F1, F1B, etc), you may or may not get a non-sheeding dog.  Without the infusions, they do not have as many genes associated with a non-shedding coat type as an Australian does.  There are American Labradoodle breeders selling multi-generation labradoodles.  A multi-generation labradoodle does not make an Australian Labradoodle.  The Australian Labradoodles go back many generations and have undergone the genetic testing necessary to eliminate unfavorable characteristics and health issues while augmenting the favorable characteristics.  

     Black and white parti coat Australian LabradoodleA true Australian

 Multigenerational Labradoodle will cost more than an American Labradoodle.  If an Australian Labradoodle is being advertised for the same price as an American Labradoode then it is probably not a true Ausralian, or the breeder is not reputable.  The price for a true Multigen Australian Labradoodle should be virtually the same no matter what breeder you are buying from, as long as they are a reputable breeder.  

     For many people and families, an American Labradoodle is totally suitable.  American Labradoodles can grow up to be easy going, intelligent, fun-loving, non-shedding dogs, just like an Australian will.  If a non-shedding coat is a necessity, then you would be better off with an Australian.  You will not be able to tell what kind of coat your puppy will have as a adult, until he loses that puppy coat, usually around 8-13 months of age.   I would not want to remove a dog from my home, after spending a year falling in love with it.

     Why are Australian Labradoodles so expensive?  As breeders, we pay a very high price to purchase breed stock.  Prices can range from $10000-$15000 and up, depending on the age and status (proven or unproven).  All breeding stock undergo extensive health testing.  X-rays are sent to the US to be read by a radiologist, blood-work is sent to the US.  Eye exams are done on all breeding stock.  These are just a few of the tests.  And these tests are not done once only.  They are ongoing and repeated regularly, to protect our puppies and future puppies.   It is because of all the testing that reputable breeders are able to offer a health guarantee.   The price of a Davidson Doodle also includes spay/neutering, microchip, their first puppy check and immunizations.   

     Hopefully you find this information helpful to you in your decision making process.