Izzie Izzie is our fleece coated Australian labroodle doghas been retired and continues to live with her guardian family in Edmonton and her pal Charlie.  We still get to see Izzie often!



Dottie is also an Australian Labradoodle.  Dottie has definitely earned her retirement, after giving us 5 litters puppies, each as gorgeous as the next.  Dottie is enjoying her retirement out in Victoria with her forever mom, Betty.  We miss you Dottie!



Stella is an Australian Labradoodle who cam to us from Urban Doodles.  She is medium size with a gorgeous soft fleece coat that was chocolate in colour but has matured into a gorgeous cafe colour.  She lives with a lovely guardian family here in Edmonton.  Unfortunately, Stella’s breeding career was not meant to be.  She continues to live with her forever family in Edmonton.


DSC_0027Harley is a gorgeous Australian labradoodle   He came to us from, and is co-owned with Sun Valley Labradoodles.  It was a couple of rough months for Harley but he has bounced back marvelously.  His stunning color attracts a lot of attention everywhere he goes.  He is gentle and loving while still being playful and goofy.   Harley is now living with his my parents in Edmonton where he gets plenty of pampering and love!


Sierra our wool coated labradoodleSierra earned her retirement and then some and is enjoying living in Edmonton with her forever family just down the street from us.  Sierra is a gorgeous wool coat Australian labradoodle.    She is super smart and extremely well behaved.  She has gorgeous features and a personality to match!  


Tory our mini fleece coated apricot labradoodleTory, an Australian Labradoodle, was born at DragonRam Doodles in Ottawa.  She is a little ball of energy.  She is a mini Australian labradoodle with a gorgeous fleece apricot coat and black nose.  She is living very well in a guardian home in Edmonton.  Unfortunately, Tory's breeding career was not meant to be so she will live out her life in Victoria with her wonderful family and her pal Rufus!


Ruby our fist parti coat Australian LabradoodleRuby became a part of our family a couple of years ago.  She arrived from Urban Doodles.  

We have found a lovely home for Ruby where we know that she is getting the love and attention that she deserves.  Thanks Dave and Jennifer!  We miss you Ruby xoxo.