Rising Stars

Meet our Rising Stars at Davidson Doodles


Here comes trouble!  While I wait for the perfect picture from Howard’s guardian home, this one is just fine!  Howard is Zola’s brother and uber cute.  His guardian home tells me he is very smart, often getting himself into a bit of mischief but can also retrieve his toys by name.  If she asks for the bunny, he retrieves the bunny, the ball – he gets the ball, etc.  So clever.  But look at that face, oh my gosh.  Howard is the full package!  He will start health testing soon and if all goes well, we will meet puppies from him later this year.


We are excited to welcome Copper Canyon’s Red Fuego AKA Zola to the DD family.  She is almost a year old now and will start her health testing soon.  She and her brother Howard joined us last summer and we have enjoyed watching them grow.  Zola is a perfect mini size with the softest coat.  She adores cuddles and belly rubs and has fit in perfectly with rest of the clan.  We look forward to meeting puppies from Zola once she has passed all of her health testing and done some more growing up.


Louie is bernedoodle perfection from Penny’s retirement litter with Jake.  He is a gorgeous tri colour with a non shedding wavy fleece coat.  He is a nice size at about 35lbs and will be an excellent addition to our bernedoodle program.  Louie lives in a guardian home with his DD buddy Eddie, Mike and Tawnya and their kids.  Once Eddie passes all of his health testing, we look forward to meeting puppies from him in 2022 or early 2023.  Welcome to the DD family Louie!


Freya is a medium Australian Labradoodle out of our Cali and Nixon.  She is a beautiful tri colour with the most amazing markings.  She is parti and phantom with roan as well!  She will be an amazing addition to both our Labradoodle and Bernedoodle program.  She will begin her health testing soon and if all goes well we will see puppies from her in 2022.  Freya lives with Daphne and her humans Steve, Sophie, Carter and Abby.