Read what our Extended Doodle Families Have to Say

Lori D.

Today Cooper & Rumor’s litter turn 7 🎂🥳 7!!!  How is that even possible??!  Kona has truly given us the absolute best 7 years of our lives and we are SO thankful for her (& maybe a little obsessed💜)!  We chose her because she was full of sass & that hasn’t changed but she’s also so full of love for every human that she meets.  We just took her on an incredible adventure from Canmore to Jasper & stopped everywhere in between & she was like a star attraction as people kept coming up to us to ask her name & if they could pet her & she had her picture taken by multiple people from all of the world 🌎 She’s our biggest blessing & loved beyond measure ♥️

Meagan O.

Hi Judy!!!

Happy 1st Birthday to Harlow and Timber’s litter from last year!!
This is Forrest (aka black boy).
He is the sweetest, most lovable dog I could ever ask for. He is cuddly and social. So gentle with my small nieces and nephew. He has won over the hearts of my non-dog loving parents (to the point where they ask to watch him for no reason). He is my first ever dog, and it’s just him and I at home. I was so nervous about training him and if he’d be happy with just the two of us. But he is absolutely perfect. He loves his crate and alone time, and has adapted perfectly to my work schedules. He loves play and is always up for adventures. Of course we had some tough days early on, but I can’t imagine my life without him. I love him so much and I truly lucked out finding him through you!!
Here is a photo dump of his adorable-ness!

Ps. I can’t wait to get him a little brother or sister from you one day!

Love Meagan and Forrest ❤️

Shirl W.

Hi Judy !  Here’s a couple of pics of StanLee (daphne and Gary’s red boy). Graduating from puppy school.  We luv him so much. What a joy! 

Anita & Josh

Being a first time dog-owner, I was unsure of what to expect when bringing our new Davidson Doodle home. We named our new puppy Gus – and boy, did he impress me by settling in quickly! Sleeping at night, house training, and simple obedience commands have all been picked up so rapidly. It is evident that Gus is so clever, and eager to please us. My two young children adore him, and he is always so gentle and interested in being around them. I look forward to many years of them “growing up together”. When we take our Gus out and about, everyone is so impressed with his calm and loving personality, not to mention his beautiful hypoallergenic & non-shedding chocolate coat. Our experience with Davidson Doodles as a breeder has been nothing short of excellent: they are easy to deal with, and supportive since the time we were initially thinking of a Labradoodle. Here is a photo of Gus basking in the March sunshine at the playground – being a kid-lover, it’s one of his favorite places to be!


Hello there,

I got my wonderful Labradoodle companion, Midgie 2 years ago from Davidson Doodles and I couldn’t be happier that I did, AND that I chose them.  I simply knew from the 1st time I visited their home where they bred and raised their Labradoodles, that I’d come to the right place!  As I mentioned, they operate from their home and this is such a fantastic way of socializing their “doodles”, so that when you pick up your puppy, they’re ready to go right into your forever home.

And as I operate a massage business from my own home, I needed a non-shedding dog, and one that I knew would be friendly with my clients – – well, Midgie is all of that, and then some!  She LOVES people, is smart as a whip and as such, was SO easy to train that my clients usually want to take her home with them!  Everyone just loves her.

Whenever we’re out with Midgie, people are constantly asking where I got her because she’s just so darned cute and loveable.  It’s so nice to be able to tell them about Davidson’s because I truly think I was very fortunate to have found such dedicated breeders that raise what in my mind, is the most ideal dog ever!

People always comment on how she’s just like a real live teddy bear, and that about sums her up, cause that’s what she is!  A teddy bear that loves our Albertan winters because she loves the snow.


Hi Judy! Shadow says hi!

She’s been so great!  Only 1 accident since we picked her up!  She’s basically house trained already!

She’s super sweet…her temperament is awesome.  It really shows that you’ve spent A LOT of time and effort socializing her.  We love her!

She’s been going for 8 hours at night the last 2 nights – in her crate at 10pm, out at 6 am…no mess!  The first night she whined a bit to start.  Tigger growled 3 times and then she went to sleep…gotta love having big Daddy to tell her what’s what 🙂

We’re off to the vet tomorrow to get her checked out…but she looks perfect to me!

Dale & Jeff

Stephen has been the perfect addition to our family.  He is incredibly sweet, smart and hilarious.  He loves the dog park, and we’re not sure what he enjoys more — meeting other dogs or their owners.  We’ve inundated him with new experiences (airplanes, boats, car rides, haircuts, sleepovers, daycare, etc.) and we cannot seem to freak him out — he takes every new thing in stride and deals with each with his usual enthusiasm.  He is already amazing off-leash, loves his raw food, and is happiest when he is hanging out with his people.  Getting a dog was a decision 10 years in the making for us, and just a few months in we cannot picture our life without him!  Thanks, Judy, for helping us select the right dog for us, and for sharing one of your perfect pups.


Hi Judy

I just wanted to let you know how much we all love and adore Charlie!  She has been a great addition to our family.  We took her to Banff this summer and I met so many people from around the world because they all wanted to stop and see Charlie.  She is my buddy at home following me everywhere and often resting her head on my feet when I am trying to do the dishes!
The past weekend on our morning walk we ran into her sister Marley as they live in our neighbourhood.  She is also such a beautiful dog and each time I see her I kick myself that we didn’t make the decision to bring her home with us too.
We have continued to have the discussion around getting a second pup and I check the website for updates.  I love the picture and colouring of Rumor and can imagine that she would have beautiful pups!  I will keep my eyes on the website for the announcement of her upcoming litter as I am very interested!!

Kristen, Cathy, & Charlie

In July of 2013, we picked up our little doodle and since then Chase has become a part of our family and has filled our lives with joy.

We found Davidson Doodles on the internet and shortly after arranged to go and visit all of the dogs. During that visit we fell in love with the breed and knew that any of these dogs would be a perfect addition to our family. Once we found out that Anna was going to have a litter sired by Nash, we knew we had to have one of her puppies.

When we went to come and pick out our puppy, it was love at first sight. Our little Chase ended up picking us; he was the biggest pup in the litter and was wearing a black collar. He repeatedly came up to us without hesitation and wanted to be the center of attention.

It has been a “love affair” ever since. Our Chasey has grown so big and healthy and he is a gentle giant. He loves people and is always making new friends. We have received many compliments about how gentle his is for a big dog. When he sees children, and older people he knows to be affectionate in a gentle way. He enjoys giving everyone kisses and being around people. He often follows us all around the house just wanting to be close to us.

Thanks so much to the Davidson’s for introducing us to Chase.


HI Judy,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what a sweetheart “Olie” is and how much our family is enjoying him. He is such a good boy, very tolerant with our 3 small children who shower him with buckets full of attention. He is quickly picking up new tricks like housebreaking, crate training and walking nicely on a leash. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our new puppy we are all in love!


Hi Judy,

We have named him Harley. He is doing well and we all love him. He has a check-up at the vet Monday afternoon.

Thank you for all the great organization. You made it so easy for us.

….And then…

Hi Judy,
Just wanted to follow up and let you know that Harley had a great check up at the vet. He is “A” okay. The vet also commented that he must have come from a very good breeder because of how well he was cared for. We love him more each day and he is bonding well with the family. He is very smart and trainable. He has already buried a bone in the backyard and then dug it up again later. The neighbour’s dogs peak at him through the fence and they can’t help but love him too. He is the  treasured “baby” in the neighborhood.


Hi Judy,

Cooper is doing GREAT!!!!

Everyone that meets him can’t believe how well behaved he is and love his relaxed, laid back, good nature. ( A lot like Dottie I’d say). He is fully house trained, loves to go for walks and has settled in so naturally. He is a true pleasure and we are all really enjoying him. We get stopped on our walks and at the park, by people, with lots of questions all the time!

I hope you and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving! Talk to you soon!


Hi Judy,

I just wanted to update you…Millie is awesome. We are so happy with her. Millie loves to run in the snow and she especially loves to run down the hill with the kids while they toboggan. I have attached a couple of pictures for you.  I hope all is well with you.

Carly & Garrett

We received our Davidson Doodle in August 2010 and our lives have never been the same. Splinter is the sweetest and smartest dog I have ever met. Training went so smoothly due to his high level of intelligence! He is crazy about kids and always approaches them gently and softly; a true testament to how invaluable it is to receive a dog that was raised in a home around such loving children.

My husband and I were both a bit hesitant about the ‘hypoallergenic’ claim as my husband is very allergic to my parent’s Labrador Retriever. We even visited some F1 and F1B Labradoodle puppies prior to coming to Davidson Doodles, to all of which my husband was allergic. Splinter has never caused so much as a runny nose to my husband or any of our other allergic and asthmatic family members. Our dog is in our home, cuddles on our couch and is in every part of our everyday environment. You can trust that this dog will not irritate allergies sufferers.

Now that Splinter is a bit older we are still just as thrilled with having him as a part of our family. We get stopped all over the place; PetSmart, the dog park, the vet, the groomers; asking where we got such a handsome and sweet dog. He gets along and plays with all other dogs in our families: 2 Labrador Retrievers, an F1B Labradoodle and a miniature schnauzer. I would never consider getting another dog from anywhere else.

Thank you so much Davidson family! We will be forever grateful for such a positive and supportive experience.

Erin, Lane & Miles

I cannot tell you how much we adore Olive.  She is just the sweetest tempered, calm, respectful and loving dog we’ve ever encountered.  Not to mention, she is smart as a whip – she was easily housebroken and learned basic commands right away.  She has made such a fantastic addition to our family, we all love her so much and can’t wait to bring home a little furry brother or sister for her!  Her wonderful breeding shows through and I would recommend your puppies to anyone who asked.  I cannot say enough about her, she is a gem.


Hi Judy.

I wanted to tell you what a great dog Xenia is. She is almost 10 months old. She has her mom Dottie’s colouring and even looks like her!

Right from day one she was adapted to us. When she got here she was virtually housebroken and has had very few “accidents”.
She is a very intelligent dog who was and continues to be very easy to train. She adores my husband and follows him around like a puppy dog even cries when he leaves!
We are so happy with her and are grateful that we found you!!!


Hi Judy,  it will be a year tomorrow since Finn left you and came across the country to join our family.  He is a beautiful, well-behaved and happy dog. And he is treasured by us. I can’t believe he has only been here for one year – I don’t remember life without him. I want to thank you for doing such a marvelous job with Dottie and with him….we are grateful for him every day. Even my husband, who was reluctant to have a dog, is total mush in Finn’s paws. He is so smart, faithful and affectionate, you can’t help falling in love with him.  Finn came here in July, and in September I got sick and have been off  work ever since. I had taken a good chunk of the summer off, prior to getting sick, so he and I have hardly been apart. Finn has been my constant companion throughout my illness, and I can’t tell you what a comfort and support he has been to me. I am so grateful to have had him, and I am forever grateful to you too.  We continue to watch your website and look at your puppies…. Anyway – thank you, again.