Upcoming Litters

Get Excited for our Upcoming Litters

We have several litters planned for 2023 and we should have the announcements up shortly.  There will definitely be one litter of bernedoodles as soon as possible and 1-2 litters of labradoodles for the spring, depending on demand.  Stay tuned! 

Frankie and Reggie

Type: Labradoodle

We are so excited to announce or first litter of 2023!  Frankie and Reggie have honeymooned.  Assuming the honeymoon was a success, puppies should arrive around March 13.  I guesstimate puppies to be in the 25-35lb size as adults.  Colours could vary from cream, to chocolate, to both apricot and chocolate solids and partis.  Puppies will be non shedding with wavy fleece coats.  For adoption information, visit our adoption page at https://davidsondoodles.com/adoption-info/ or send us a message.  Don’t forget to follow us on FB and Instagram to stay up to date.

Millie & Timber

Type: Labradoodle

Millie and Timber will honeymoon in the late Spring/Early Summer.  They had a gorgeous litter for us last year that was too perfect not to repeat.  These puppies will be large mini’s weighing about 25lbs as adults and will be reds and caramels in colour.  You can see pics of Millie and Timber’s previous litter on our Pupparazzi page.

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